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Over 500 resources worldwide with thousands of products and services

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Are you a Purchaser, Program Manager, Business Owner or Inventor, looking for one or several different resources to complete a project?

Why get frustrated and waste your valuable time, energy and money searching for the appropriate resource, when you can have us look for you?

We are experienced professionals and trades persons that will find the resources you need!

Our services are free to our customers, we are paid by our resources only when they successfully assist our customers.

We have over 500 quality resources around the globe to assist our customers.

Inventors - we will be happy to sign confidentiality statements if that is required. We can provide a profoma for you.


Canadian Corporations should contact us to find out how they can save money at tax time! Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR& ED). We have resources that can assist you to get the maximum allowed.


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The one stop for all your manufacturing & product needs.
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Automotive, Non-automotive,automation, AC/DC Drives, CAD/CAM, CNC lathe work, CNC machining, CMM, Contractor Nursery Equipment, Crane Service, Dies, Electrodes for EDM, EDM, Engineering (Design) Services, Fabrication of any size or thickness (industrial, commercial, agricultural, food processing industries, residential, custom items, low & high production), fixtures of any type, gauges, gun drilling, laser cutting & engraving, 5-axis laser cutting, water jet cutting, machining - custom & volume, machine build, design, maintenance & repairs, material handling systems, moulds - prototype, pull ahead, promotion, injection, compression, RIM, blow, structural foam, vacuum form, thermoform, appliques, off shore resources, refurbishing & repairs to moulds & dies, rapid prototyping. Power Driven Wheelbarrows. Sand & ceramic investment casting for zinc, aluminum, brass, iron & magnesium. Sheet metal sales: bulk, coil & coil cutting. Special Indexable Tooling. Speed Reducers, Stampings. Third Part Sorting. Truck Bed Carriers, Tube / Rod / Bar bending & cutting. Web site Design. Welding - custom & production. Weldments. Welding Machines & Equipment. Wire Bending: equipment & services. Component assembly. Long (10.0 m) lathe work. Plastic parts (low and high production). Wire Parts. Wood items with and without finishing,dowels, special wood items. Custom assemblies. High volume assemblies. Low volume assemblies. Wood processing including shaping, molding and drilling. Custom wood millwork (custom wood work for store fixtures, office and related interior finishing components such as kitchen and bathroom cupboards and counter work). Metal bending, punching and drawing. Fabric Cut and Sew. Painting, Porcelain Coating, Plating and Metal Decoration. Hardware. Packaging and Printing. Automation equipment and cells. International Logistics and global commerce work. Mold Design and Surfacing. Engineering services. Warehousing. Brass/Bronze Parts. Rubber Parts. Cloth items. Diamond abrasives. Grinding Wheels. Resin/Rubber bonded reinforced cutoff wheels. Metal Bonded Diamond/CNB wheels (for ceramics, glass, stones, etc.). Store Fixtures (steel, aluminum, wood, brass, custom). Prototyping: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM), Selective Layer Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Three Dimensional Printing (3D Printing), K-Tooling, Die Casting, Vacuum Cast Parts, Plaster Cast Parts, CNC High Speed Machining of Parts, Perma-Soft Tooling, Insty-Metal Parts, Fiber Tools. Ceramics and porcelain items. Brandname products of P&G. Swimwear & goggles/caps, T-shirts, sportswear, lingerie, roller skates, sleeping bags, locks, latches, cutlery, scissors, manicure, knives & hand tools. Fabric. Buckwheat. Peanut. Casein. Wines (Rose, White and Red) & Brandy. Houseware. Giftware. Stationery. Wicker baskets. Candle holders. Christmas items. Baby strollers. Diapers (baby & adult). Waterbeds. Bathroom scales. Shower Curtains. Table Covers. Cleaning products. Laundry bags. Toothbrushes. Flags. Pedometers. Radios. Clocks. Mouse traps. Vinyl gloves & latex gloves. Working gloves. Beauty bras. Drinking straws. LaserMate Material Handling System. Sitel marking system. Threaded Fasteners. Power Fasteners. Unistrut Metal Framing System. Seismic Products. Special Fabricated Products. Flash Fasteners. Calcium Shields. STI Firestop Products. Flange Anchor. Bolt Stand. Union Steel Products Structural Connectors. Drywall Screws & Construction Fasteners. Gloves & Apparel for Construction & Industry. Cable labeling (Unitag, QuickPinch, 2001XLST, 1640Ki). Network cables (Cat5E patchcords, Cat6 patchcords, FiberOptic patchcords, Bulk Cable). ETLock, Cables & Connectors. Cable Management (RackOrganizer, Rip-Tie CableCatch, Rip-Tie CableWrap, CableHanger, CinchStrap, Grommeted CinchStrap, WrapLite, Other Velcro products, Cable ties. Cable tie accessories. Terminals. Connectors. Identification products. Routing & protecting products. Heat Shrink Tubing. HVAC. Multi-axis laser cutting. Laser Drilling. Laser Welding. Laser Marking. Electric Fans (Ceiling, table, wall, pedestal, & exhaust). GLS lamps. Florescent tubes. HID lamps. Luminaries (domestic, commercial, industrial, street light, flood light & Flame proof lighting). Lighting poles. Household appliances. Jute bags for promotion & packaging. Paper bags and Cardboard boxes. Glow sticks, light sticks, blinking body lights, LED light products, glow products, necklaces & bracelets, sound FX lites, American flags, extra batteries. Electrical/Electronic appliances. Wooden doors and window frames. Tube fittings, pipe fittings, vacuum fittings, valves. Baby care products, cushion covers, kitchen cleaning items, socks, soft baby toys, undergarments, caps, baby clothing, decoration pieces, uniforms, towels, tablecloth, bathrobes, curtains, kitchen aprons, napkins, bed sheets, hotel supply, mats, embroidery, bags, ladies gloves, tents, shirts, sportswear, quilts, scarves. Patio heaters. Gas valves. BBQ grill manufacturing. Fireplaces. Timing belt pulleys & gears. Stainless steel flatware, kitchen utensils, knives. Rebar bending & shearing machines. Magnesium hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide. Titanium dioxide. Sheet metal channels, cable trays & cable boxes. End mills, drills, and reamers. Solid carbide cutting equipment. Executive giftware. Nautical items. Fashionware. Toppos. Frananimals greeting cards. Custom card magnets. Imitaters - mash potato alternatives. Dermal Patches. Bakana Style. Greek Wonders. Lotus Safety Wear. Chemical Pumps. Power & distribution transformers. Casted & fabricated products of aluminum, copper, steel & brass (like drain rods, iron keys). HDPE-LDPE-PVC pipes and accessories. Agricultural implements & accessories (like sprinklers, AG. wheels). Iron screws/nuts. Auto parts. Housings for engines. Water pump bodies. Components for hydraulic lifts. Brackets & manifolds. Moulding & electrical transmission line equipment. Poly V pullies. Marble Status. Paintings. Marble Vases. Wood Furniture - Almirah, tables, chairs. Stainless steel kitchenware. Stainless steel bathroom fittings & accessories. Stainless steel - cocktail shakers, jiggers, champagne buckets, ice buckets, wine coolers, bar tool sets, trash receptacles, pet dishes & other household products. Sports caps. Jungle caps. Cricket caps. Golf caps. Cricket hats. Sun shades in a range of caps. Towels. Food grains - wheat & rice. Seeds - cumin, fennel & sesame. Pulses. Sugar. Carpets. Toilet soaps - Milap & Somani. Laundry soaps - Maharaja & Extra Kleen. Detergents - Pride, Sapphire, Extra Kleen, Maharaja, Maharani, & Judeen. Spices - Chili powder, Turmeric, Coliander, Pao Bhaji, Curry powder, Chat masala, Meat masala, Black pepper, White pepper, Parsley, Mint, Tomato paste, & Tomato powder. Salt. Toothpaste. Henna. Agarbati. Chemicals - Calcite, China Clay, Colbalt Sulphate, Filtrocen, Magnesium Sulphate, Soapstone Powder (Talcum Powder), Soda Ash Light, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Sulphate, & Silica Sand. Textile machinery spares like pneumatic spares, electrical & electronic spares, Autoconer spares, Schalfhorst Autoconer spares and Trumac blow room machinery spares & Sulzer, Picanol loom spares. Laser level, distance detector, metal detector. Precision stainless steel cutlery, stockpot, kitchenware, cookware, tableware, utensils, mugs, glasses, serving trays, compartment trays, food carriers, and barware. Magnetic material in various shapes & sizes. Industrial diamond tools & diamonds. Software services for: business, baking, insurance, E-Goverance, logistics, ERP, CRM, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, E-commerce, embedded systems. Offshore outsourcing. Mold flow analysis. Exhibit models. Architecture & Site models. Models for tracer cutting. Gravel in large quantities. Circuit boards. Pens in assorted sizes & shapes. Drywall screws. Chipboard screws. Self drilling screws. Drilling screws. Washers. Self tapping screws. Wood screws. Furniture screws. Machinery screws. Combination screws. Setting screws. Bolts. Nuts. Rivets. Roofing nails. Nails. Stainless steel products. Elastic expansion tubes. Nail cable clips. Arts & Crafts. Photo frames. Plastic photo frames. Alarm clocks. Wall clocks. Scrap iron. Prime quality hot rolled galvanized steel sheets & coils. Prime quality cold rolled galvanized steel sheets & coils. Stainless steel coils & sheets. Hot dip galvanized steel coils. Prepainted hot dip galvanized steel coils. Stainless steel wire mesh. Brass wire mess. Hexagonal wire netting. Window screening. Expressway fences. Chain link fencing. Square wire mesh. Metal wire. Barbed iron wire. Barbeque grill netting. Pipe-fittings. Machete. TPU tapes. TPU shoulder straps. TPU elastic tapes & bra straps. Hemp/silk fabric. Candles. Baskets. Industrial diamonds. Diamond tools. Diamond dressers. Custom brokers. Power cord line. Cable reels. Power strip. Surge protector & taps. USB cable. Computer accessories. Lamp light accessories. Audio video cables. Cable adapters / converters. Firewire cables. Network (RJ-45) cables. Network cable kits. PC cables. Wall outlet adapter. Plywood (natural birch, shite birch, poplar, okoume, bintsngor, mrtsnyi, dabaimu). Graphite yarn. Carbon fiber yarn. Ceramic fiber yarn. Fireproof cloth/material. Sheet for gasket. Gaskets. Gland braided packing. PTFE series. Graphite coil. SS304/316 strip for gasket. Candles. Steel shot. Steel grit. steel cut wire shot. Stearic Acid. 12-Hydroxy stearic acid. Glycerine. Stearate. Diphenylamine. RT base. Rubber antixidant BLE. Fatty amine. Glycerin monostearate. Soap noodles. Mold finishing. Polishing. Benching. Automation Engineering. Furniture Hardware. Wire & Cable. PVC anti-bumping series, PVC less-foam series, wood plastic co-extruding series and soft-hard co-extruding series, HDPE pipeline, LLDPE sub-pipeline and PVC pipeline. Extruded aluminum. Multi-colour moulding. Low speed rubber wheels and tires (for wheel barrows, hand trolley, baby wagon, agricultural and mowers). Pneumatic wheel, solid wheel, crumb wheel, flat free wheel, colourful pneumatic wheel. Hand trucks, wheel barrows. Engineering - part analysis. Presses PR53, PR51, PR201, PR203, TL53, TL51. Tool insert assemblies UTL53, UTL51, SUTL53, SUTL51. Shearing presses. Electrical cabinets/enclosures. NEMA enclosures. Inductors. Silk screening. Spray painting. Chokes. Wire harnessing. Biofuel. Sawdust. Biomass waste from papermills. Wood Chips. Mulch. Hardwood products. Dowels. Laminated products. Architectural millworks. Thin-sawn vaneers and laminates. Wood-joining biscuits. Curved mouldings. Specialty millwork. Wood sub-floor. ThermoWood heat treated lumber products. Birch, aspen, or ash. Women's fashions, skirts, blouses and jackets. Lumber - custom re-milling & kiln dried, cut to size. Shaped wood parts. Shaker pgs, mug pegs and tie rack pegs. Round balls & ball knobs. Toy wheels & axles. Maple selectwood. Maple craft board. Oak selectwood. Oak craft board. Pine selectwood. Pine craft board. Poplar selectwood. Poplar craft board. Balsa modeling wood. Basswood modeling wood. Plywood modeling wood. Decorator spindles. Shelves & shelf brackets. Wood buttons & plugs. Candle holders. Caps, brackets & pulls. Fluted dowel pins. Knotty pine spindles & posts. Wood shutters. Clear plastic vinyl. Cork products. Vinyl moulding. Ornamental wood appliques. e-TrackSys punch/time clock software. Mineral water plants. Preformed manufacturing machinery. Biscuit making plants. Chilling plants, cooling towers, compressors. Pet stretch blow molding machines. Packaging Machines. Thermo ware. Lumber. Veneer. Bulk Containers. Collapsible shipping containers. Data conversion. Data entry/data capture projects: claims processing, forms processing,medical claims, mortgage underwriting, large volume of health insurance claims, Acrobat PDF/JPeg/Tiff conversions, surveys, airway bills, index cards, polling information, property tax records. Data archiving.. Image capturing. Document management. US health insurance claims conversions like HCFA, UB92, BCBS, Medicare, Super bills. Medical billing.Conversion projects like image to XML, HTML and SGML, E-books publishing, E-Accounting, Payroll. Call center services - in bound and out bound. Offshore support services. Back office services. Custom trophies. Sport trophies. Engraving on trophies and specialty articles. Water bottles. Custom mouse pads. Trophy components. Trailer anti-theft device. Yarn. Scaffold Planks. Z-Plank. D165 Solid Sawn Scaffold Plank. LVL Scaffold Plank. Handicrafts. Hessian. Leather Products. Stationary Items. Glass Products. Wood Furniture. Portuguese molds. Brass fittings. Precision assemblies. Cams. Gears. Nozzles. Inspection fixtures. Sheet metal parts. Forged machined parts. Shafts. Pulleys. Wallets. Work gloves. Garden gloves. Leather gloves. Winter gloves. Molds for infant products such as: high chairs, baby strollers, carseats. Molds for home appliances such as: laundry, coffee machines, air conditioners, TVs. Rugs. Dhurries. Jute products. Coir products. Leather products. Christmas ornaments. Xmas ornaments. Stationery items. Wood furniture. Garments. Bearings. Forgings. Gears. Universal Joints. Connecting Rods. Crank Shafts. Camshafts. Drop Arm. Chassis parts. Rocker Arms. Wheel and Pinion. Piston. Universal Joint Cross. Spiders. Wheel Axle. Tractor & trailer parts. Ball Youkes. Hooks. Shackles. Cones. Links. Shafts. Tooth. All typesof Flanges. Backing Rings. Lever & Clutch Center for Fertilizer. Petro Chemical Plants. Chemical Plants. Automotive Replacement Market and Cement Plants. Railway and Train Components. Tractor Parts. Locomotive and Other Development Jobs. All types of Gears. Bevel gears. Ratches. Shafts. Spindles. Gear Rack. Timing Pulleys. All types of Precision CNC Machined Parts. All types of Die Casting. Investment Casting Parts. Sand Casting. Fasteners. Marine Diesel engine parts. Pump parts. Abrasive paper. Abrasive cloth. Tungsten Carbide burrs. Heat sinks. Steel pipe. Stainless steel pipe. Galantamine hydrobromide. Narwedine. (-)narwedine. Vardenafil. Huperzine. 2-Butyrylamino propinc acid. 2-Ethoxybenzamidine hydrochloride. Celecoxib. Indapamide. Biberry P.E. Other bulk pharmaceutical products. Minority owned companies for those that are looking for those kind of resources. Pressure Gauges, Vacuum Gauge, Glycerene Filled Pressure Gauge, Compound Gauge, General Purpose Pressure Gauge, Hydraulic & High Pressure Gauge, CNG Pressure Gauge, Freon Gauge, Ammonia Gauge, Seald Diaphragm Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm & Capsule Gauge, Mercury-In-Thermometer, Differential Pressure Gauge, Fire extinguisher gauge, Tire pressure gauges, Pressure switches, pressure transmeter, Dead Weight Testers, Receiver Gauges, Thermocouples, Bi-Thermometers, Vepour Pressure Thermometers, Draught Gauges. Canvas bags. Knit jersey sheet sets. Cow Grain Leather Gloves. Cow Split Leather Gloves. Machanics Gloves. Heavy Lined, quality Gloves. Color Leather Gloves. Pig Split Leather Gloves. Gardening Gloves. Cotton Work Gloves. Kitted Gloves. Household Gloves. Latex Work Gloves. P.V.C. Coated Gloves. Nitrile Gloves. 3 Piece Supported Rainsuits. Rain Ponchos. "Sturrdi" Fashion Gloves. Ladies Leather Gloves. Mens Leather Dress Gloves. Ladies Suede Gloves. Leather Wallets. Leather Handbags. Coin Purses. Patch Purses. Smooth Purses. Snap Purses. Flat Purse. Accessory Bags. CD Holders. Cell Phone Accessoies. Display racks. Premium Gloves. Gloves with company names. Gloves with company logos. Gaskets. Gasket making machines. Ladel pads machine. Pan weaving machine. Spiral gasket wound machine. Graphite gaskets enhanced machine. Precision cutting, threading, and machine tools. HSS / Carbon Steel Hand & Machine Taps. Round threading dies. Tangential / Linco chaser dies. Coventry / Radial Chaser Dies. Circular & Flat thread rolling dies. Side & Face cutters. Slotting cutters. Woodruff key seal cutters. Involutes gear cutters. Chain sprocket cutters. Convex & Concave cutters. Counter bores. Taper pin reamers. Bridge reamers. Hand & Machine reamers. Singe & Double angle cutters. Singe & Double End Mill cutters. Slot Drills. Counter Sinks. HSS Drill Bits. Hacksaw Blades. Power Hacksaw blades. Metal cutting band saw blades. Broaching Tools. Machine Tools. Special cutting tools as per drawings / samples provide by customer. Solid Copper Earth Plates. Copper Earthing Tape / Strips. Tinned Copper Bus Bar. Latice Earth Plate. Solid Copper Rod & Copper Bonded Earth Rods with Driving Head and Tip with Dowell Pin. Earthing Accessories like clamps, bonds, U Bolts, Couplers. Stainless steel bars (round, square, hexagonal). Stainless steel strips. flats / bus bars. Stainless steel pipes, tubes. High precision engineering turning components for medical equipment, solenoid vales, weighing scale and balancers for watches. Wax printed fabrics. Dope dyed polyester yarns POY, DTY, and FDY in China. Embroidery threads. Dress gloves. Fashion gloves. Work gloves. Safety gloves. Driving gloves. Canadian Rigger gloves. Motor Bike gloves. Fire-Resistant gloves. Rescue gloves. Motor Bike Leather Jackets. Motor Bike Cordure Jackets. Sportswear - T-Shirts, Polo-shirts, Soccer Kit, Trousers, Track Jackets, Shorts, Sports uniforms. Products made with materials such as 304, 3042B, 316L, 310S, 302.202 stainless steel. Tiny tube. Electric Pipe. Decoration pipe. Product pipe. Precision pipe. Industrial pipe. Antenna pipe. Rectangle pipe. Special pipe. Punching pipe. Tiny pipe without seams. Injection moulds. Machineries for production pharmacy. Automatic tube filling and sealing machine. Commercial plywood (Interior and Exterior). Film faced plywood (Dark Brown Film and Black film). Bent Plywood for furniture parts (seating, decoration application). UV plywood. Weighbridges. Mechanical scales. Tabletop scales. Weighbridge conversion kits. Platform Conversion kits. Platform scales. Drill Grinding Machine. Truck weighbridges. Pit type weighbridge. Pit less type weighbridge. Axle weighbridge. Load Cell. Digitizer. Junction box. Out door display. Batch weighing systems. Coil weighing systems. Crane weighing systems. Custom built weighing equipment. Software for weighbridges.Aluminum Die Casting. Zinc Die Casting. Ornamental and Display Fixtures (Hooks). Thimber Gate Fitting (HDG). Antique Cart Iron components. Bike stands. Natural Fibre Liners. Twines and ropes. Metal Sticks.Candle Holders. Garden Accessories. Gear design consulting. Air cleaners. Welding fume extractor. Air tube Supreme. PIG. Cab Protector. Air Medic plus. Air purifiers - residential - commercial - industrial - office. Activated carbon and superior HEPA filter. Clean Breeze. Air Defender. Air Wash. Air Rhino. Air Conditioners. Seamless Steel Pipe. Infusion. Floor Room Air Conditioner. Brass building hardware. Brass sanitary fittings. Brass nuts. Brass bolts. Brass washers. Brass rivets. Brass inserts. Brass instrument manufacturing. Brass electrical accessories. Brass electronic accessories. Brass auto cable accessories. Brass sheet metal parts. Brass wiring accessories. Brass components of medical instruments. Component of home appliance and brass fasteners. Brass screws. Chrome plated sanitary bathroom water fittings and copper terminal ends. Brass batery terminal. Aluminum components. Industrial natural diamonds. Hydraulic pumps.Knitted wear. Woven wear. Electronic assembly. PCB assembly. Cable/Wire Harness assembly. Telescoping Ladder. Double Injection moulds. Leather Breaches. Leather Saddles. Saddle Pads. Equestrian Winter Rugs. Equestrian Summer Rugs. Equestian Accessories. Hydraulic Hose (both of wrapped and smooth cover). Rubber Air/Water Hose. Jackhammer Hose. High Pressure Washer Hose. Rubber Suction/Discharge Hose. Contractor Wate Hose. PVC Air Hose. PVC Garden Hose. PVC Suction/Discharge Hose. Layflat Discharge Hose. Fire Hose. High Pressure Spray Hose. CAM LOCK Coupling. Pin Lug Coupling. Hand Tools. Carpenter Tools. Plumber Tools. Spanners. Masonry Tools. Screw Drivers. Garden/Horticulture Agriculture Tools. Threading Tools. Gate & Grill Heads. Door Hardware. Scaffoldings. Data Cable. Coaxial Cable. Telephone Cable. Fiber Optic Cable. Control& Instrumention Cable. Power Cable. Alarm/Security Cable. Weighbridge Service, Calibration & Certification Services. Weighbridge Terminals & Software Solutions. Digital Indicators. Brass Electrical Wiring Accessories. Brass Precise Turned Parts. Brass Hex Nuts. Brass Energy Meter Parts. Brass Pins. Brass Terminal Bars. Brass Inserts. Brass Bushes & Adapters. Brass Fasteners & Screws, Nuts & Bolts. Copper/Brass NH Tags. Brass Nipples, Reducers & Couplings (Extn). Brass Sanitary Fittings. Brass/Copper Sheet Metal Components. Brass/Copper Fuse Parts. Brass Neutral & Earth Bars. Auto parts moulds. Electrical Household moulds. Medical Instrument moulds. Precise moulds. Unscrewing moulds. Casting part moulds. Split Leather Safety Wears. Working Denim Garments. Working Cover Overalls. Cloth Aprons. Welding Gloves. Driving Gloves. Grease Fittings of Steel, Brass, and Stainless Steel. Clevis Pins. Linch Pins. Hitch Pins. Spring Pins. Cotter Pins. Quick Release Pins. Snapper Pints (PTO Pins). Snapper Hooks. S-Hooks. Anchors. Bolts. U-Bolts. Studs. Screws. Rivets. Threaded Rods and Nuts of 4.6 grade, 8.8 grade, and SS. Plain Washers. Spring Disc Washers. Collars. Shims. Couplers. Bleeder Screws. Bleeder Plugs. Hoses. Keys. Inserts. Brass Parts. Sheet Metal Parts. Stainless Steel parts. Sheet metal parts. Aluminum pressure castings. Zinc pressure castings. Wire rope. Magnets for DC motors. Magnets for loudspeakers. Magnets for linear motors. Magnets for MRI. Magnets for medical and health products. Custom magnets. Third-generation rare-earth permanent magnets. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets. Sm-Co permanent magnets. Al-Ni-Co permanent magnets. Leather Jackets. CNC Wire-Cut EDM machines. High Speed Small Hole EDM machines. EDM Sinker Machines. CNC Slow Speed Wire-Cut EDM machines. DK7725. DK7732. DK7740. DK7750. DB703. EDM450. DK7635. Starlight Cases. Double Rifle Case. Shotgun/Tactical Case. Protective Cases & Customized Inserts. Storage Cases for Military applications. Industrial Blades. Plastic Pakaging Blades. Shear Blades. Industrial Knives. Granulator Knives. Metal Shearing Knives. Paper Cutting Knives. Woodworking Knives. Peeling Knives. Industrial Cutters. Brass Inserts for Moulding Components. Brass Inserts for Auto Parts. Brass Split Bolt Connector. Brass Hose, Flare, Compression, Pipe Fittings. Brass Sanitary Fittings. Brass Cable Gland & Accessories. Brass Anchor/Anchor Stud. Electrical Wiring Accessories. Brass Precision Turned Components. Carbon Fabric. Fibreglass Fabric. Multiaxial Stitched Fabric. Uni-drectional Cabon Prepreg. Basalt Fabric. Kevlar Febric. Long Fiber Reinforced Thermalplastics. Mold repair and trouble shooting. Web Research. Web Mining. Text or Numeric Data. Forms Processing. Data Conversion. Image Keying through offshore facilities in India. Plastic Bottles. Ceramic Ball. Ceramic Bearing. Hybrid Ceramic Bearing.Ceramic Ring for pad printer. Other Ceramic components.Mechanic Gloves. Antivibration Gloves. Industrial Work Gloves. Protection Gloves. Driver Gloves. Garden Gloves. Work Overalls. Cordura Jackets. Fashion Jackets. Motorbike Jackets. Safety Jackets. Motorbike Suits. Motorbike Boots. Soccer Balls. Volley Balls. Basket Balls. Beach Balls. Hand Balls. Mini Balls. Rugby Balls. Shinpads. Plastic injection molds. Injection parts. Electronic products. Assembly and packaging of electronics. SMT PCB Assembly. Scrap Material Copper, HMS 1&2. Used rail and railway slippers. Alloy Steel. Tool and mold steel. Scrap Metal. Worsted wollen goods. Cotton clothing. Rabbit spinnings. Knitting underclothes. Chemical fibre carpets. Sweaters. Leather garments. Progressive dies. Stage tools. Weld fixtures. Checking fixtures. Cutterpath programming. Coated abrasives. Abrasive belts. PSA disc. Hook and Loop disc. Fiber disc. Flap wheel and disc. Sponge sand block. Double face disc. Bonded abrasives. Metal cutting. Stone cutting. Vitrified wheel. Mounted wheel. Oil and Stone segment. Cam and groove couplings such as a,b,c,d,e,f,dc,dp. Fire hose couplings. CNC turning. Honing. Cylindrical Boring. Drilling Machines. EDM Electrodes. Wheel Changer. Wheel balancing. Wheel Alignment and lifts. Emergency Bridges. Hoovers. Small high speed boats. Floating bridges. Pontoons. Cast iron cooker. Ductile Iron Casting. Ductile Iron Vent-pipe. Cast iron construction coupling. Cast iron part. Valve casting part. 2900 series high capacity general purpose globe control valves. Swing check valves. Cast Iron Valves. Slab gate valve. 2-pc Screwed ball valve. CQ series magnetic driving pumps. Water pumps. Square check well lid. Round check well lid. Rainwater grate. Workout Barbell,Dumbell, Bar, Exercise Mat, Rack, and Benches. Cast Iron Y- strainers. Resilient seat gate valves. Cast iron globe valve. Cast iron gate valve. Cast iron swing check valve. Electronic and mechanical weighing scales and weigh bridges. Tractor linkage parts. Tractor Spares. Industrial and automotive nuts, bolts, pins. Agricultural implement spares. Display systems. Gondola System. CD/DVD/Video racks. Grid wall system. Sales wagon/ bargin stands/ dump bins. Hang rails system. Display racks. Euro tables. shoe rack. appliances racks. lighting boxes/signage. Warehouse rack system. slat wall system. Card/ Magazine/ Literature stand. Slots standards. Korean rack. stylish tables. wire baskets. showcases. acrylic displays. promotional racks. wood shelving system. Mannequins. Hangers. bike racks. garment racks. Manufaturing clothing apparel. NEMA type electrical terminals/ terminal blocks. brass, stainless steel, aluminium electrical hinges. low voltage electrical products. stamping mold. rubber injection molds. metal stamping products. Shower cabin. Massage bathtub. shower enclosure. Acrylic bathtub. bathroom cabinet. Glass basin. Shower panel. Pilot Pen. worms and wheels. Anti- bachlash wormwheels. double gears. anti- backlash spur gears. internal gears. Pinion Shafts. parallel helical gears. crossed helical gears. Trusses. welding garments.Boxing Gloves.Deco Design Furniture. Heaters.pressure zinc die casting.Motor vehicle structure plastic parts.IT products.Optics Lens Plastic Parts.Electronic Ballast, Ultraviolet Disinfection Device, Glass.ceramic balls.ceramic rings.ceramic bearings. Scaffolding Wedge Couplers. Scaffolding Pressed Couplers. Scaffolding Forged Steel Fittings. Scaffolding Jacks & Base Plates. Scaffolding A-Clamps Assemblies Plate. Kwickstage Scaffolding. Cuplok Scaffolding. Scaffolding Shoring Accessories. Scaffolding Formwork Items. Scaffolding Fencing Products. Scaffolding Special Items. Diamond Industrial Tools. Moldmaking. Mold making. Mouldmaking. Mould making. Bronze Castings. Brass Castings. Aluminum Castings. Copper Castings. Iron Castings. Sand Castings. Gravity casting. Refurbishing replacement parts. Stone crushing machinery repairs. Pump housings recreated from old worn out pump housings.Couplings. Sewer components. Gear blanks. Flanged bushings. Split bushings. Rings. Tubes. Bars. Discs. Shorting rings. Rotor end rings. Resistance rings. Collector Rings. Wear rings. Hook liners. Trunnions. Sealing sleeves. Seals. Thrust washers. Thrust bearings. Worm gears. Hub gears. Elevator gears. Billet molds. Chill molds. Liners. Wear plates. Slipper brass. Spindle brass. Wedges. Housings. Bearing shells. Nuts. Seats. Couplings. Sled liners. Pressure blocks. Silver-soldered split bushings. Babbit bearings. C90500. C90700. C86200. C95400. C95300. C95200. C93700. C93200. C92200. C83600. C87500. C92700. C90300. Rotational mould castings. Pattern maker' Master copy. Prototype castings. Tube fitted castings - for fluid cooling applications. O.E.M. component parts. Permanent Mould castings (die castings). High conductivity copper resistance rings and connector components for the electrical industry. Tube fitted castings for cooling/heat transferring applications. Iron O.E.M. component parts, gears - as cast with or without hubs, spoke or full faced. Breakdown machine parts. Old/Unobtainable parts, lifted off original, couplings, bearing cases. Equipment Leasing. Commercial Financing. Ceramic mugs. Ceramic plates. Ceramic bowls. Ceramic kettles. Ceramic vases. Ceramic dishes. Ceramic ashtrays. Ceramic cups & saucers. Ceramic tea pots. Ceramic dinner sets. New Bone china. Fine bone china. Stoneware. Fine porcelain. Custom printing on ceramic and china items. Inorganic Chemical Products. Aluminum Sulphate. Calcium Chloride. Sodium Hexamatephosphate. Sodium Matebisuphite. Zinc Oxide. Organic Chemical Products. Carbon Black. Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose. Pentaerythritol. Glacial Acetic Acid. Formic Acid. Oxalic Acid. Pigment & Dyestuff. Iron Oxide Red/Yellow.Lithopone. Titanium Dioxide Anatase/Rutile Type. Feedstuff. Zinc Oxide Fedd Grade. Shipping/Freight Services. FCL & LCL. Special container service (Reefer, Open top, Flat rack, Roro service). NVOCC Service. Pick up and Distribution. Cargo insurance. Documentation. Customs US/Canada. Freight Forwarder. Wood Doors (Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Rustic Poplar, Eucalyptus, Cherry and Knotty Pine). Exterior Doors. Interior Doors. French Doors. Louvre Doors. Arched Top Rails (true radius, segmented, elliptical, etc). Wood moldings, wainscoting, exterior shutters, cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Henna and Herbal cosmetics. Natural Henna. Senna Leaves. China Clay (Multani Mithii). Hair colour. Black Henna. Burgundy Henna. Brown Henna. Chestnut Henna. Red Henna. Purple Henna. Orange Henna. Yellow Henna. Maghony Henna. Indigo Henna. Henna Cone. Bicycle parts. Muffler clamps. Rhinestone buckles & buttons. Metal Brouches. Metal Corsages & Rosettes. Sequin Flowers & cloolars. Badges and Patches. Lace & Trimming. Crocheted Design. Hot Fix Motif. Fur Products. Fashion Belt. Electronic Gifts. Generators. Gasoline Generator Sets. Diesel Generator Sets. Pumps. Motors. Oxalic Acid. Formic Acid. Accelerator D. Accelerator M. Accelerator DM. Accelerator TDTM. Titanium Dioxide. Zinc Oxide. Zinc Carbonate. Activited Zinc Oxide. Lithopone. carbon Black. White Carbon Black. Magnesium Carbonate. Iron Oxide Red. Iron Oxide Black. Iron Oxide Green. Chrome Green. Chrome Yellow. Pentaerythritol. Sodium Tripolyphosphate. Sodium Hexametaphosphate. Sodium Metebisulfite. Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose. Lead Phosphite Dibasic. Lead Stearate Dibasic. Lead Sulfate Tribasic. Antioxidant RD. Stearic Acid. Tolclofos methyl. Aluminum Sulfate. Sodium Selenite. Potassium Iodide. Potassium Iodate. Calcium Iodate. Cobalt Carbonate. Sodium Selenite Pentahydrate. Sodium selnate. Zinc Selenite. Barium Selenite. Selenium Dioxide. Selenious Acid. Sodium Iodide. Cuprous Iodide. Cobalt Chloride. Cobalt Chloride (Powder). Ferric Fumarate. Manganese Methionine. Cobalt Methionine. Selenium Methionine. Chromium Polynicotinate. Chromium Picolinate. Lithium Iodide. Ethylenediamine dihydriodie (EDDI). Wedding candles. Special occasion candles. Candles with LED light. Benex CSM24 Centerless Straightening Machine. Shaft straightening. Copper Foil (9, 10, 18, 25, 70, 105 micron) electolytic copper foil for PCB, CCL, EMI, Lithium Battery and Polymer Lithium Battery. Characterized in STD and HTE copper foil. CAD Drafting. Paper to CAD conversion. Mechanical Drafting and Designing. Architectural Drafting. Civil Drafting. Fabrication Drawings. 3D Rendering. Animation and Walkthrough. 3D data converted to 2D data. EPO - Engineering Process and Outsourcing. Box Buddy - corregated box handle cutter. Fans. Industrial Fans. LED Fluorescent Tubes. Rubber Process Machinery. Conductive Cushion. EMI Shielding. AC axial fans. DC brushless fans. Blower fans. Cross-flow fans. Fan guards. Turned Forged components. Residential design. Design including land, building & infrastructure. Base file generation. Tentative/preliminary plan. Grading design. Paving design. Drainage area & hydrology studies. Storm drain design. Sewer design. Plan & profile sheets. Final plan. Material takeoffs or cost estimates. Plot plan. Commercial Civil. Rough grading design. Precise grading design. Preliminary drainage reports. Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP). Demolition & street widening plans. Utility plan & profiles. Strom drain plan & profile. Pond design. Flood modeling. Storm drain modeling. Rainfall/runoff studies. River/channel studies and modeling. Storm water quality impact and use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Public Works designs. Lift station designs. Road widening designs. Pavement relocation designs. Design and detail engineering of piping and pipeline systems for oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Oil & Gas engineering. Review engineering. Technical Bid assistance and engineering. 3D modeling and design. As-built engineering (through laser survey). Man-hour estimation. Preparation of Plot plan, Equipment Layout, Piping FADs and Isometrics. Nozzle orientation and support drawings. Piping sizing & thickness calculation. Stress analysis. Bill of material. 3D Modeling in PDS-Frameworks. Drawing composition, extraction & checking. Preparation of fabrication / shop drawings. Under ground piping drawings. Design basis amd control philosophy. Instrumentation design basis. Instrument installation drawings (Hook up drawings). Cable schedules. Instrument loop diagrams. Level sketches, input / output list and interlock logic diagrams. DCS / PLC System configuration drawings. Instrument layouts, cable duct / tray routing and control room layouts. Control panel engineering and system engineering for control systems. Sizing calculations of flow meters, control valves. Nest loading details of control automation systems. SCADA I/O list. Power and control cable schedules and cable drum schedules. Design of power systems - load analysis. Single line diagrams, system studies, short circuit / load flow / relay coordination / grounding / motor starting studies. Geomatics. Complete GIS Application development. Data conversion. Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Manual flood determination and Utility Mapping services. Urban mapping solution. Data migration and update. Utility Information Systems (UIS). Data creation. Network data model development. Data migration or translation. Land Information System (LIS). Creation of land information geodatabase. Map creation using COGO techniques. Land Cadastral Mapping. Topographic Mapping & Surface Modeling. Creation of Contour Maps. Forestry Mapping. Creation and updating of Forest zone maps. Geological Mapping. Creation of Geological vector dataset. Flood Mapping. Creation of Flood zone Geo-database. Shipping. Trucking. Carrier. Freight. Freight fowarder. BBQ Tools. BBQ basket. Burners gas grill. Charcoal barbeque. Large home barbeques. Grill plate. Mens and ladies polo shirts. Bra-set. Embroidery. Screen printing. Textile vinyl & flock printing and various methods of digital printing direct on to T-shirts and garments. Clothing Wholesalers. chairs, tables,stools, stackable arm chairs,made of plastic,metal, leather and padded for the office and home ,for waiting room and conference room. Office chair. Steel Chair. Folding chair. Dinning set. Sofa. Bar stool. Outdoor furniture. Office furniture. Wooden furniture. Bed room furniture. Living room furniture. Dinning room furniture. Design by Analysis. Industrial Laboratory services. Open end ratcheting wrench. Threaded rod. Bolts. Screws. Nuts. Pins. Rivets. Anchors. Machine screws. Washers. Tapping & chipboard screws. Wood screws. Hifasters. Adjustable beds. Bed frames. Chop bedsteads. Iron-net bedsteads. Pneumatic elevating chop beadsteads. Store display racks. Pop up system. Banner Stand. Easy pulling stand. X shape stand. L shaped stand. Easy hanging stand. Visual tank. LED light box. Truss. Semi-trailer parts. BPW YORK, FUWA axles. Brake drum. Hub. Brake shoe & lining. Camshaft. Manual slack adjuster. Bearings. Dust cover. Hub cap. Return spring. Adjuster spring. Bolt & Nut. Seal. Rebuild kits for S Camshaft & Brake Roller. Various supension. ROR complete. YORK complete. FUWA complete. Leaf springs. ABS sensor. Pole wheel. Landing gear, 25T or 28T, copy Jost. Varisous Fifth wheel. Kingpin in 2", 3.5" with welded & bolt-in design. Brake chamber, T20, T24, T30, T24/24, T30/30. Wheel rim, 22.5*8.25, 22.5*9.00, 22.5*11.75. Mudguard assembly. Twist lock. Top-piece axle suspension. Air bag suspension. Glass lids. Round wide ring glass lids. Frosted glass lids. Foil printing. Pad printing. Hot stamping. Giftware. Made in Thailand home décor accents, tableware and fashion accessories. Sprockets. Roller chain. Timing belt pulleys. Gloves. Safety & Reflective wear. Working wear. Leather products. Sports wear. Chemicals. Titanium dioxide Anatase/Rutile. Accelerant M. Accelerant DM. Accelerant TMTD. Antioxidant RD. Active Zinc Oxide. Active Carbon. Aluminum Sulphate. Basic Chrome Sulphate. Caustic Soda. Carbon Black. Chrome Green. Chrome Yellow. Calcium Stearate. Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose CMC. Carbon Black N220/N330/N550/N660. Formic Acid. Glacial Acetic Acid. Heavy Barium Sulphate. Iron Oxid Red/Yellow/Black/Green. Lithopone. Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium Carbonate. Oxalic Acid. Poly Aluminum Chloride PAC. Phosphoric Acid. Pentaerythritol. Soda Ash. Stearic Acid. Sodium Sulphide. Sulphur Black. Sodium Gluconate. Sodium Chlorate. Sodium Metabisulphite. Sodium Hextaphosphate. Trisodium Phosphate. White Carbon Black. Zinc Carbonate. Zinc Stearate. Home furnishings. Floor coverings. Mats. Rugs. Carpets. Slates. Boot scrappers. Gift wares. Candle holders. Votives. Basket ware. Picture frames. Jewelry boxes. Christmas stocking holders. Wine bottle bags. Tree Hangings. Potpourri. Tree Tops. Trim Garlands. Ribbons. Tassels. Tree Skirts. Stockings. Candles. House wares. Stock pots. Mixing bowls. Colanders. Kitchen tools. Cookware sets. Plates. Pans. Dishes. Bowls. Trays. Mugs. Kettles. Wok. Strainers. Charger plates. Glass bowls. Bar Accessories. Bathroom accessories. Metal & Ceramic. Bath Mirrors. Bath mats. Storage accessories. Laundry bin. Magazine rack. boxes. hampers. Free standing shelves. Wall mounted CD. VHS storage. Laundry cart. Under bed storage. Collapsible & tab lid boxes. garment suit bags. Shelf storage. Laundry bags. Trash Can. Garden Decor. Garden torches. Garden lights. Garden laterns. Hammocks. Wateing cans. Planters. Pottery. Trellis. Sticks. Bird bath. Bird house. Garden animals. Garden accessories. Hand tools. Wrenches. Pliers & pincers. Vices. Leather tool belts. Leather work gloves. Mats. Measuring tapes. Engineering Files. Miscellaneous small tools. Decorative Hardware. Hooks. Curtain Rods. Finials. Curtain hold back. Door handles. Numerals. Lighting. Table lamps. Lamps (oil, candle, paraffin fired). Lampshades. Vintage Reproduction. Candelabras. Mercury glass. Tinsell wired products. Beaded products. French home & garden decor. Folk crafts. Rustic Items. Tin Potted items. Wooden crafts. Aged Furniture. Cast Iron Reproduction. Kugel Ornaments. Commodities. Tea. Rice. Pulses. Spices. Wheat Flour. Maise. Food & Grains. Soyabean. Gram & Gram Flour. Gluten Free Products. Freight Over the road. Air & ocean - worldwide door-to-door service, weekly air and ocean consolidations, expedited services, equipment chartering, project cargo services. Intemodal - door-to-door service in North America, dry, refrigerated and heated service, 20 ft, 40 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft containers, specialized equipment. Warehousing - short and long term warehousing, corss docking, inventory management & reverse logistics, pick and pack, distribution services, bonded facilities. Customs - all ports in North America. Packaging machine. Third party pre-shipment inspection services. ERW Black Steel Pipes - 15mm to 350mm.ERW Galvanized Steel Pipes - 15mm to 200mm. Hollow Sections - As per cutomers demand, in shape of Square & Rectangular. Rigid PVC Pipes - 20mm to 200mm. Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings - 15mm to 200mm - Ship Brand. Steel products for cement. Concrete & Construction Products.Threaded rods. Studs. Tie rods (Dwidag) & Accessories. Round stakes. Flat stakes. Square stakes. Rebar stakes. Cut rebar. Anchor bolts. Plate washers. Road forms. Road form pins wire. Scaffolding. Screw jacks. Props & trench struts. Cuplocks. Steel planks. Fencing. Palisade fence. Fence posts. Chain link fence. "U" Channel. Vineyard & Orchard Trellising. Rolled Edge vertical line post. Corona posts. Supra grande. Grape stakes. V #3 Posts. Cross Arms. Trellising Systems. "U" Bolt. Earth Anchor. Pencil rod. Cut rebar. Wire. Pipe end post. Cold Rolled Sections. Struts & Channels. Purlins & Kipped Channel. Road Crash Barrier. Gate Channel.Poleline Hardware (fasteners). Square headed bolts. Hex headed bolt. Carriage bolt. Double Arming Bolt. Plate washers. Ground rods. Anchors. Pipe Support / Plumbing. Threaded Rods. Strut Channels. Pipe Clamps & Hangers. Bolts. Cable Tray & Accessories. Sump Receiver. Railway Products. Fish bolt, plate. Tie Rod (double ended). Fabrication. Turn buckle / form aligner. Block pavior. Recess tray. Shelving. Slotted angles. Channel.Portuguese natural marble. Ruivina. Rosa Borba. White Estremoz. Limestone. Moca Crème Fino. Moca Crème Classic. Crème Rocco. Gascogne Blue. Mirabelle Rosal. Crème Meseclado. Crème Flor. Blue Lagos. Blue Mesclado. Blue Abstract. Alpenina. Ataija Crème. Moleanos Grey. Transformation of marble and limestone into slabs. Cut-to-size tiles. Flooring. Paving. Wall cladding. Steps. Risers. Tops. Pool copings. Special project cut-to-size for construction industry and wholesale market. Stone basin trays.Desktop Items. Letter Opener. Key holder. Art Clock. Name Card Holder. Tie Clips. Ball-point Pen. Ashtray. Money Clip. Wine Bottle Lid. Cigar Cutter. Book Mark. Cuff Links. Glass CD Rack. Candle. Perfume. Reading Lamp. Candlestick. Glass Candler. 3D Crystal. Insect Paper Weight. Softwood Picture. Bamboo & Wood Arts. Copper Carve. Ceramic. Glass Arts. Falchion. Vocality Birdcage. Wind-bell. Doll. Fluey Toys. Hand Game Play. PVC Inflate Toys. Baby Carrier. Car Toys. Photo Frame. Handset Bag. Mobile Hang. Cushion. Wine Bottle Cover. Napkin Box Cover. 100% Silk Gown. Embroider Bead Bag. Silk Fashion Bag. Iron Nip Bag. Jewellery Case. Lipstick Box. Nail Scissors. Poly resin Mirror. Brooch. Barrette. Bangle. Finger Ring. Earring. Scarf. Gloves. Hat. Umbrella. Emulation Plant. Emulation Animal. Emulation Fruit. Shaft Straightening. Shaft Straightening Machines. Bolt Straightening. Bolt Straightening Machines. Paste Mouse Pad. Paste Toilet Seat Cover. Paste Table Mat. Paste Deodorization Sheet. Weak Adhesive. Paste Gap Seal. Paste Meal Pad & Cup Pad. Paste Door Mat. Paste Foot Mat.Building Materials.Ceramic Toilets. Pedestal Basins. Vanities. Bathroom Cabinets. Bathtubs. Showers. Fill Valves. Flush Valves. Toilet Seats. Stone mosaics. Quality stone engraving and sandblasting. Address stones. Advertising signs. Business signs. Donor walls. Entrance signs. Fundraising projects. Gardens. Golf courses. Landscape projects. Memorials. Monuments. Peace gardens. Parks. Paving stones. Pet memorials. Plaques. Trail markers. Granite. Limestones. Slate. Marbles. Engraving with hammer and chisels.Luminous Engineering & Technology Services. Land, Building & Infrastructure.Offering complete design, drafting & detailing services in the fields of Land Development, Structural, Architectural, Transportation and MEP Engineering. Civil. Residential Civil. Base file generation (lot plan). Tentative / preliminary plan. Grading design. Paving design. Drainage area & hydrology studies. Storm drain design. Sewer design. Plan & profile sheets. Final plat. Material takeoffs or cost estimates. Plot plan. Commercial Civil. Rough grading. Precise grading. Preliminary drainage reports. Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP). Demolition & street widening plans. Utility plan & profiles. Storm drain plan & profiles. Hydraulic & Hydrology Studies. Pond design. Flood modeling. Storm drain modeling. Rainfall/runoff studies. River/channel studies and modeling. Storm water quality impact and use of Best Management Practices (BMPs). Wash grade works. Urban flood modeling. Public Works. Lift station Road widening. Pavement relocation. Oil & Gas. Offering Design and Detail engineering of Piping and Pipeline systems for Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Oil & Gas Engineering. Services. Detailed engineering. Review engineering. Technical Bid assistance and engineering. 3D modeling and design. As-built engineering (through laser survey). Piping and pipeline. Preparation of design basis and technical specification. Man-hour estimation. Preparation of Plot plan, Equipment Layout, Piping GADs and Isometrics. Nozzle orientation and support drawings. Piping sizing & thickness calculation. Stress analysis. Bill of material. Site Survey and As-building of plant (through laser survey). 3D modeling and model review. Civil and Structural. Preparation of technical bid evaluation. Preparation of Design basis and technical specification. Structural layouts and sizing. Design calculation reports and documentations. Bill of materials. 3D Modeling in PDS-Frameworks. Drawing composition, extraction & checking. Preparation of fabrication / shop drawings. Plant As built. Preparation of 2D drawings (General arrangement, reinforcement & detailed drawings). Preparation of Under ground piping drawings. Instrumentation and Electrical. Preparation of design basis and control philosophy. Preparation of instrumentation design basis. Preparation of Instrument Installation drawings (Hook up drawings). Cable schedules. Bill of material. Instrument Loop diagrams. Preparation of Level sketches, Input / Output list and Interlock logic diagrams. Preparation of DCS / PLC System configuration drawings. Instrument Layouts, Cable duct / tray routing and Control room layouts. Control panel engineering and System engineering for Control Systems. Sizing calculations of Flow meters, Control valves etc. Nest loading details of Control automation systems. SCADA I/O list. Power and control cable schedules and cable drum schedules. Design of power systems - Load Analysis. Preparation of Single Line Diagrams, System studies, Short Circuit / Load Flow / Relay Coordination / Grounding /Motor Starting studies. Geomatics. Offering complete GIS Application Development, Data Conversion, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, Manual Flood Determination and Utility Mapping services. GIS Data Conversion. Urban Mapping Solution. Data Conversion. Data Migration and Update. Utility Information Systems (UIS). Data Creation. Network data model Development. Data Migration or Translation. Data Maintenance or Updating. Land Information System (LIS). Creation of Land Information Geo-database. Map creation using COGO techniques. Data Migration and Updating. Land Cadastral Mapping. Creation of cadastral maps. Topographic Mapping & Surface Modeling. Creation of Contour Maps. Surface Modeling. Forestry Mapping. Creation and Updating of Forest zone Maps. Geological Mapping. Creation of Geological vector Dataset. Flood Mapping. Creation of Flood zone Geo-database. Gloves. Cycling gloves. Motor bike gloves. Ski gloves. Summer gloves. Weight lifting gloves. Working gloves. Dressing gloves. Snow mitts. Boxing equipment. Competition boxing gloves. Shin guard. Bags/sacks. Belts. Head guard. Kick boots. Guards. Hand protection. Jackets. Motor bike jackets. Fashion jackets. Vest coat. Pants. Chaps.Titanium products. Nickel products. Hastelloy products. Monel products. Inconel products. Incoloy products. Zirconium products. Duplex steel products. Stainless steel products. Titanium trunnion type ball valve. Titanium ball valves. Titanium metal seal ball valve. Titanium three-way ball valve. Titanium steam jacket ball valve. Titanium knife type gate valve. ANSI titanium gate valve. Titanium gate valve. Titanium big size globe valve. Titanium oblique type globe valve. ANSI Titanium globe valve. Titanium check valve. Titanium wafer type check valve. Titanium swing type check valve. Titanium vertical check valve. Titanium plug valve. Titanium soft-sealed plug valve. Titanium metal seated plug valve. Titanium flanged butterfly valve. Titanium wafer type butterfly valve. Titanium discharge ball valve. Titanium discharge valve. Titanium steam jacket discharge valve. Titanium steamed discharge valve. Titanium discharge valve. Nickel alloy valves. Inconel ball valve. C4 ball valve. Monel alloy ball valve. Pure nickel ball valve. Hastelloy ball valve. Hastelloy gate valve. Inconel gate valve. Monel gate valve. Hastelloy globe valve. Pure nickel globe valve. Pure nickel globe control valve. Pure nickel vertical check valve. Inconel butterfly type check valve. Monel check valve. Hastelloy check valve. Monel check valve. Inconel plug valve. Hastelloy plug valve. Pure nickel plug valve. Hastelloy sampling valve. Hastelloy lug type butterfly valve. Hastelloy butterfly valve. Hastelloy dumping valve. Hastelloy discharge valve. Zirconium regulating valve. Zirconium ball valve. Zirconium regulating valve. Zirconium globe valve. Zirconium plug valve. Zirconium plug valve. General valves. Ceramics ball valve. Alloy 20 ball valve. Female threaded ball valve. Floating ball valve. Metal seal ball valve. V-regulating ball valve. Duplex steel ball valve. Duplex steel metal seal ball valve. Steam jacket gate valve. API gate valve. Alloy 20 gate valve. API globe valve. Wafer type check valves. Vertical check valve. Butterfly type check valve. Steam jacket check valve. Soft seal plug valve. Steam jacket plug valve. Desulfurization butterfly valve. Lug butterfly valve. Steam jacket butterfly valve. Discharge valve. Steam jacket discharge valve. Wafer type check valves. Hastelloy plug valve. Fittings. Titanium stem. Titanium ball. Flange. Ceramics ball. Titanium elbow. Hastelloy disc. Pure nickel strainer. Plastic pipe making machine. Plastic sheet making machine. Plastic grid making machine. Plastic granulator. Plastic mixer. Plastic crusher. Plastic profile making machine. HDPE pipe making machine. PE large-diameter gas-burning pipes and water-supply pipes production line. PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing pipe production line. PE roxide cross-Linking Polythene(PE-X) Pipe Assembly Line. PP-R Pipe Extrusion Line. HDPE Silicon Core Pipes Production Line. HDPE Heavy-Calibre Reinforced Winding Pipes Production Line. Extruding Plastic Corrugated Pipes Production Line. PVC Foamed Inside Spiral Muffle Pipe Production Line. PVC Fibre Strength Soft Pipes Production Line. Series Pipe Extrusion Producing Line. PVC, PE Quincunx Multi-Hole Casing Pipe Production Line.Portable Machine for in line boring, overlay welding (internal and external - also for blind holes). Drilling. Tapping. Flange Facing. External Machining. Creating Circlip Grooves. Threading. For reconditioning and realignment operations, machining and restoring jobs. Fmax 3 Axis Flange Facing Machine. RS X9 Boring Machine with fixed axle shaft. WS 1 Plus. WS 2. WS 2 Compact. WS 2 Plus. WS 3. WS 5. WS 7. WS 7 Plus. Anti- Radiation Yarn. Flame Retardant Fabric. Anti-Radiation Clothing. Kevlar/Nomex Yarn. Anti Static Fabric. Flame Retardant Clothing. Flame Retardant Yarn. Multi-Fucntional Fabric. Anti Static Clothing. Stainless Steel Yarn. Anti-Radiation Fabric. Proof-Acid Clothing. Anti Static Carbon Fiber Yarn. Silver Fiber Fabric. Functional Sewing Thread. Metal Fiber Fabric. Conductive Fabric. Stainless Steel Fabric. Underwear. Man underwear. Man trunks. Lady underwear. Boy underwear.Man boxer. Men briefs. Pyjamas. T-shirts. Vests. Steel grating. Flashlights. Solid state disks. Data storage. Aluminum flashlight. Work light. Head light. Camping Light. Plastic flashlight. Construction Equipment. Construction machinery. Front end loader. Wheel loader. Motor grader. Road grader. Large construction equipment. Heavy construction equipment. Lift platform. Lift platform trucks. Mobile lift platform. Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED).

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The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute
Your gateway to business and economy in Israel. Succeed in commercial ventures with Israeli companies and in the Israeli marketplace.


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Search ThomasNet, the most comprehensive resource for industrial information.
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  Modern Plastics

SupplyPark.com - Supplier directory and information on the web. directory

 Russian business directory Openrussia

Russian business directory - Russian business directory Openrussia. Russian trade leads site. Partners search in Russia. You can find here all about Russian customs rules

Global Plastics Services International Specializes in Replacement Skylights and Clear Acrylic Domes. GPSI also has strong attributes in Custom Vacuum Forming, Plastic Fabrication, Thermoforming and Plastic Prototypes.
  Foreign Trade Exchange
 Worldwide Industrial Marketplace - The Premier Source to Buy, Sell & Trade Industrial Supplies, Equipment & Machinery in 54 Countries. ;  
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All Tapestry strives to supply our customers with the highest quality of Large Wall Tapestries and Tapestry Wall Hangings.

Balcombe Engineering Manufactures Australian made Boilers, Flanges, Pipe flanges, steel flanges, din flanges, Tube Plates, Spectacle blinds, Weld Necks and Bleed rings.

Worldwide Industrial Marketplace - Industrial Search Engine and Global Directory of Industrial Suppliers and Manufacturers
 All holiday in North Cyprus Green holiday Village hotel information, pictures, map and price list.   ROR


Website for Debra Stieler, RPN, CCS

Debra Stieler - RPN

pine dining table and chairs

shop online for pine dining table and chairs at low internet prices with fast home delivery from pinefurnitureshop


  Removals Reading
House and office removals Reading. International moving. House movers. Commercial removals. Machinery moving Reading.

Mechanical Clad Line, Forged Pipe and High Pressure Fittings
Proclad Group is a global manufacturer of internally clad line pipe, fittings, flanges, vessels, and other well-head components. Specializes in pipe fabricating, including induction bending, pipe cladding, and weld overlay.

Used Mining Equipment

A wide selection of used mining equipment including ball mills, rod mills, jaw crushers and industrial mining machines.

  DirectorySupply.com - Searchable listings of online Supply Directory.



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Training Simulator

Training Simulator

Pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of world class, state-of-the-art driving training simulators, Grande Simulators, Fire Arms Training Simulator.


Discount Fabric - Wholesale Fabric & Fabrics Wholesalers for Discount Fabrics, Wholesale Fabrics, Discount Fabric Wholesalers, Cheap and Discount Fabric Wholesale

LHS Enterprises for all your manufacturing needs.
We are an independent sales representative company for over 500 manufacturers and resources worldwide to assist manufacturers. From concept - design - tooling - production. Automation, material handling systems, machining, warehousing and logistics, we have all the resources you need



Global Industrial Portals - The Premier Source to Buy & Sell Industrial Supplies, Equipment & Machinery in 54 Countries. Industrial Leaders - Explore Who's Who in The Global Industrial Marketplace ;


http://www.adoreher.co.uk/ Lingerie Sexy Lingerie, Plus Size Lingerie, Leather and Silk Lingerie, Panties, Thongs, Bras,Bodystockings,Bikini, Dresses, G Strings, Handbags,Designer handbags, Shoes, Clothing and accessories, Beauty Products,   Perfume,Aftershave,Lip gloss


 Global B2B Network - Offers-directory.com, is a new global B2B portal, catalog and trade leads to importer, exporter, manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier.;


 Adobe Logo Get your free Adobe Reader Here Ontario Compressor logo Ontario Compressor Supplies Ltd.  




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Supplier and Manufacturer


European Tapestries at affordable prices. Wholesale tapestries enquiries welcome.





 Industry Metal

Metal Resources Directory an information portal on various metal industries in the world. Metal mining companies, metal processing companies, product manufacturing industries list of metal industries high temp metals.

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Value Solutions

Provides performance, management, system and resource solutions to the service and manufacturing sectors.

Flatirons Environmental Solutions Corporation

Natura Soil Enhancers™ with SumaGrow™ inside


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Find out about business in Windsor and Essex County Find out about opportunities in Windsor, Ontario CanadaFind out what is happeniing in Windsor, Ontario Canada

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